Schöner Planet! Leider kaputt

Eisschmelze in der Antarktis

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May 14, 2015 - Antarctica - The shape of the world is hanging by a thread or rather, according to experts, by a 110 mile-long (177km) rift. That's the extent of a rapidly expanding crack in an enormous ice shelf in Antarctica. When the Larsen C shelf finally splits, the largest iceberg ever recorded (bigger than the US state of Rhode Island and a third the size of Wales) will snap off into the ocean. Widening each day by 3 ft (1 m), the groaning cleft is on the verge of dramatically redrawing the southern-most cartography of our planet and is likely to lead, climatologists predict, to an acceleration in the rise of sea levels globally |

Schöner Planet! Leider kaputt

Die Erde ist wunderschön - aber leider auch bedroht. Lesen Sie, welche Folgen der Klimawandel in Alaska hat. Und wie Forscher aus dem All und im Meer sehen können, was die Erderwärmung anrichtet.

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