Schöner Planet! Leider kaputt

Eisschmelze in der Antarktis

picture alliance/ZUMAPRESS

May 14, 2015 - Antarctica - The shape of the world is hanging by a thread or rather, according to experts, by a 110 mile-long (177km) rift. That's the extent of a rapidly expanding crack in an enormous ice shelf in Antarctica. When the Larsen C shelf finally splits, the largest iceberg ever recorded (bigger than the US state of Rhode Island and a third the size of Wales) will snap off into the ocean. Widening each day by 3 ft (1 m), the groaning cleft is on the verge of dramatically redrawing the southern-most cartography of our planet and is likely to lead, climatologists predict, to an acceleration in the rise of sea levels globally |

Schöner Planet! Leider kaputt

Die Erde ist wunderschön - aber leider auch bedroht. Lesen Sie, welche Folgen der Klimawandel in Alaska hat. Und wie Forscher aus dem All und im Meer sehen können, was die Erderwärmung anrichtet.


Ist die Erde noch zu retten?