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Even to say that Germany's cruelties "happened during the second world war" is already inaccurate. They are cruelties that Germany used a war as an EXCUSE to commit. And which Germany prepared and started before war. And which had no real relationship with war because they were aimed at civilians and people too weak or young to fight. You do not have to kill disabled civilians (T4) and imprison/kill homosexuals and kill civilian Jewish babies and children and put people in starvation / torture / extermination camps and kill 1.5 million civilian intellectuals, civil servants and other men, women and children by shooting them into ditches as part of a war. Those are all non-war things. People in other European countries do also admit their role in these non-war cruelties started by Germany/Austria, but not enough people. And there are plenty of people in the US and Canada, including the government, who admit and apologize officially for harm caused to aboriginal people. Various churches in Canada made official apologies for the Indian residential school system in Canada because churches ran many of those schools. There are also government inquiry commissions about this subject.