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I completely agree that the US committed genocide, or quasi-genocide, at earlier times. The US also permitted slavery. These were disgusting things. How could anyone think that I wrote that these things are acceptable or that the US is the best country in the world? I never said that. I do not believe that the US is the best country in the world. But please. Germany was an established country in 1939, its crimes were immense (numbers of murders of Jews, Roma, disabled, Slavs) and committed later in time and after the development of international norms and values that were specifically designed to prevent such things and that the US and Germany had signed onto. Germany was surrounded by sovereign countries. It nonetheless started a war and set out to deliberately torture, taunt and murder citizens of its own country who simply wanted to contribute to society. Also, there were international conventions signed in the early 1900s (just before and after WW 1) about the treatment of prisoners of war and the conduct of war. The US, Britain, Canada, etc. followed these. Germany deliberately violated them even though they were binding on it. The conduct of Germany was completely illegal and on a much vaster scale and at a time when the law had moved forward and was supposed to protect people better (Red Cross, League of Nations, Geneva Conventions...) based on lessons of the past. Incidentally, do not forget the Hunger Plan, in which German authorities were planning the starvation of tens of millions of Slavic people in many countries. It makes no sense to forgive Germany's crimes by pointing to lesser, older or even equal crimes that were committed by others. And it is also worth remembering that crimes of genocide create victims many years after the events. The trauma affects descendants.