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I think its a little bit funny, when a person from the USA makes critics on that what Andreas wrote in his article. Rafael make a big article about cruelties that happened in second worldware but he wrote NOT ONE SINGLE WORD about the native american people that lived in this country before the white man came. The whole country USA is based on a genocid, on the mass-murder on the amerindians, the native americans which where killed, which lost their land, which was put into reservations where the most of them then lived as alcoholics. Not one word about that from Raffael, but he critices Andreas when he said, that not only Germany did big mistakes in the history. This is hypocrisy in my opinion. All mass-murder is a shame, no matter which folk is killed. The USA today celebrating themselves as the country-of-the-free and the greatest nation. How can this be combined with that, what this country is based of. So in my opinion, Andreas is right, when he say, that not only Germany must have shame for some things in their past, also other countrys. Germany showed shame a lots of time about some things happened in 2. World Ware, but i see not, that other countrys did the same. And their would be other countries, also the USA, which should do it. This whole discussion is about a book and i also have my doubts, if this book is a good idea for people, who wanted to research in their own family. I am also the opinion, that its better letting this bad things rest.