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I know more than you think about the history of the US civil rights movement. My mother was directly involved in it. Your point of view is an oversimplification. It was very difficult for African-American soldiers during the Second World War, especially in the earlier years. They faced a lot of discrimination from their white colleagues. However, the people who actually were able to observe the work done by African Americans began to reluctantly admit their immense bravery and skill, and started to realize their stereotypes were wrong. Thanks to the very hard work and sacrifices by African American soldiers, airmen and sailors, US military was racially integrated by President Truman in 1948. This happened a lot sooner than other kinds of desegregation in the US, which had to wait until the 1950s and 1960s. Much of the organizing done as part of the civil rights movement was done by churches and other associations, and involved both men and women. It is not usually helpful to quote a book about one person's experience because that experience cannot be generalized to the entirety of a situation. The experience of African Americans depended on many factors, including geography.