Neue Lesermeinung schreiben

Since I cannot write German, I will reply in English. Maybe you can find a human Ubersetzer for this. While there is some truth to what you are saying about the crimes of horrible behaviour of certain Allies or the United States in other conflicts, you might be relativizing too much. First, recognizing the guilt of people from your own country's past does not mean absolving the guilt of others. Second, Germany did not just do war; it did war in the name of a hideous racial theory, and if it had succeeded, the world would be a lot less free today and far more people would be dead. The United States helped to rebuild German society after the war, which shows that its objective was fundamentally different from the German objective, which justified the idea of other people being permanent slaves to Aryans, or just dead. Do you know the way German soldiers treated Russian or Jewish prisoners of war? How the Nazi regime tried to starve Russia? People will write back to their families about this, words will travel, the soldiers on a long march to drive the Nazis back into Germany know about the terrible brutality of German forces toward them and toward civilians and they will want revenge. This is not good, but it is predictable when you try to invade and enslave and purposely target civilians from the beginning. And the Hunger-Plan for the killing of 20-30 million more Slavs? All of these kinds of things were predictable consequences of the racism and anti-Semitism of the Nazi regime, even if some people did not know about it. The reality has been proven that many ordinary Germans knew a great deal about slavery, torture, killing of war prisoners, etc. It might have been possible for Germans to stop genocidal intent, killing of mentally ill with CO and injections, etc. in the early years (1933-1937), but there was not enough action. There was guilt among many German civilians for the progress of such a regime. Germany was targeting civilians purposely, and other countries responded. Don't expect idealistic behaviour when you start a war of aggression; believe me, Germany could have handled the 1920s and 1930s differently in relation to the Allies of World War I. Instead it helped the Turkish genocide; it sided with the wrong people, it militarized and it radicalized, and then the German justice system that could have stopped some of the ridiculous fascism often looked the other way. If a country is having economic trouble it should rely on objective reasoning and study these things so it can achieve better solutions. This takes hard work and is not immediate but when the basic values are good, it is easier to deal with other countries. Then you write about history being written by the victors. This is a tired old cliche and it is not true. The reality is that countries like the US and Britain have shown remarkable introspection and free debate about injustices done by some of their authorities. And this continues. Canada is facing its past about certain schools that were run by Christian religious orders and abused Aboriginal Canadians and tried to destroy their culture. In free societies, which yours is thanks to the US, Britain, France, etc., history is in reality written by anyone who can think, read, research and speak, and convince others that there are new chapters to explore and examine. Look at the discussion we are having now. If Nazi Germany won the war, my parents would have been killed at the age of 5 or 6. And it was not just the SS that participated in mass murders and rapes; it was also more Wehrmacht than you might think. And then all the German soldiers and authorities who recruited and allowed local racist populations to begin killing children and undressing them and shooting them into a ditch? Or the Einsatzgruppen who did this itself, again and again and again, killing over a million people and wishing to kill more? This was a regime had to be stopped, and Germany had to know it was defeated and that its regime could never come back. A new kind of justice based on universal human rights had to be established. And the victories of the war permitted other victories, such as that of African Americans in the civil rights movement. They were able to show all the great things they did during the war -- sometimes the finest pilots for example. The ingredients of better things were contained in this. What ingredients did Germany have to offer during the Third Reich? Finally, in terms of the individual criminal guilt of this soldier or that soldier, every case can be examined on its facts. I would never be able to address all the complexities of that. Take care, and continue thinking and reading and discussing. Learning is a lifelong thing.